Why Is Montana Called Big Sky Country

Drive anywhere outside Montana-s cities and it won-t take you long to see why this state is often called “big sky country.’ The sky really does seem bigger when you can see miles and miles in any direction you turn or when the only landmarks that interrupt the pristine horizon are the white peaks of the Rocky Mountains or a graceful heard of antelope moving gently through the brush. It isn-t hard to imagine why the first people who came to this place saw it as a land of great promise and opportunity. Who couldn-t find themselves moved by the infinite expanse of deep blue sky over the fragrant reaches of the brush land or the side of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world? At night, anyone used to the bright lights of a city will be surprised by how many stars are scattered across the sky. All the wide open space makes Montana ideal for stargazing or watching for cloud shapes during the day. The next time you drive through Montana, take a moment to pause and truly appreciate the majesty of this big sky country, a sight you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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